Diago is a hosted LIMS software with Teleradiology built-in. This allows diagnostic centres to upload their exams and get reports done by Radiologists from anywhere in the world. HTML5 no-install DICOM viewer comes at no extra charge.


Collects, processes, stores, retrieves, and analyzes data that is used in laboratories & diagnostics for the management of samples and investigations. Ensure sample traceability and adherence to industry standards as well as providing reporting capabilities.


Instant appointments and scheduling of your customers can be done using our consultation module exclusively designed for laboratories & diagnostics with specialty clinics & pharmacies.


Provides real-time inventory quantities, which can assist in maintaining the balance between stocking appropriate quantities to satisfy patient/customer requirements and minimizing excess inventory.

Why Diago?

  • No Upfront cost/License fee.
  • No Annual Maintenance Contract & No per branch fees.
  • Monthly Pricing Plans to match business volumes.
  • Migrate old/legacy data to Diago at free of cost.
  • Access data 24x7 from anywhere.
  • Data security & confidentiality assured.
  • Backup database access for data analysis of prior years.
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure (Cloud).
  • New features/Upgrades are automatically available.
  • No Servers/Hardware/Databases. All you need is Internet access.
  • Lowers IT opeating expenses. Can focus on core business processes.
  • Share Patients/Doctors/Provides and master data across branches.
  • Live chat for internal communication & technical support.
  • SMS/Email campaign for targeted customers/patients.

Over 12+ functionalities
with many custom components

Excellent support for all Pathology and Radiology modalities.

Patient & Order Management

Diago maintains all patient and order data that are assigned in the laboratory. Diago allows maintenance of all orders for lab and diagnostic services to be performed. An order consists of a specific test or tests, profiles or packages to be performed and other associated data.

Mobile Application

Diago provides a mobile application (Android & iOS) for quick order entry and business reports. Diago application is also tablet friendly and its web interface can be fully accessed on iPads and phablets.

Specimen/Sample Management

Diago allows for information regarding the handling of specimens from the time they are collected at the Phlebotomy and all the way to disposal. Unique identification, including labeling of the sample, is required so that results can be matched back to the originating sample.

Test/Investigation Management

Diago automatically captures results from a laboratory analyzer or diagnostic equipment, allows for manual entry of results, flagging of abnormal values etc.

Invoice Management

For Labs that bill their patients or need to bill referrals or providers or insurances, the Diago will obtain billing information from the submitter requesting the test or other entities, tabulate the items to be billed, apply appropriate billing rates, and create the invoices and supporting billing documentation.

Reports Management

Diago will generate and deliver reports in either hard copy or electronic format to authorized users. These reports will be stored or generated ad hoc and will allow the user to view data on requests received, specimens registered, pending results, workload etc. The user will be able to define the types of reports they need.

Test/Investigation Catalog Management

Diago manages all the tests and procedures that are carried out by the laboratory & diagnostics, allowing for different tests or investigations to be grouped into categories if needed. Diago allows for tests to be added, or modified from the Catalog.

Referral or Provider Management

Referrals are either individuals or organizations that send their patients/employees/customers to submit specimens for testing to a lab. The Diago keeps a record of all the providers that have the ability to send specimens of their patients/employees/customers.

Work List Management

Diago manages urgent requests, sample holding time, and other factors relating to the timely processing of the test requests.

Results Management

Diago maintains information related to the test results including entry and reporting. Users have limited access to results based on their roles and only certain individuals will have the authority to modify results. Reference ranges are also included.

Alert Management

Diago allows for alerts to be generated based on certain criteria – such as a lab result that is significantly below normal or significantly above normal i.e. abnormal and panic or critical values.

Inventory Management

The Diago provide capability to manage various aspects of inventory control such as ordering, tracking, and distribution for all items inventoried by a laboratory. Examples include specimen and sample collection kits, testing kits, lab supplies, chemicals, equipment, and forms.

Upcoming Features..

Patient reports sharing for second opinion
Online order placement by patient/provider
Machine Learning Algorithms for Radiology & Pathology
Group orders placements by corporates
Support for NABL & CAP accreditation
API for vendors and partners

Here is how it works


Our Team

Diago has a strong management team leading the product with Techinical experts and mentoring the employess.

Srikanth Potharaju

CEO of our company who always motivates us with new thoughts and ideas in improving the product.

Bala Krishnaiah Chitrala

Software Development Manager, Bala's team designs, develops and maintains product.

Kiranmai Potharaju

Director of Technical support, Kiranmai manages the customer queries and feedback.

In addition a talented team of developers, testers, business analysts and technical support staff help design, develop and manage Diago. You are in safe hands with Diago.

What our users say

Our user's endorsements are very valuable for us.

"We are quite happy and pleased! Diago is easy to work with, very quick to respond and friendly!"
Venkateshwara Diagnostics
Diagnostics Center from Hyderabad
"We are extremely happy with the product and support Diago has provided. Their customer service is exceptional and work closely with clients to customize the product for users’ needs!"
Shri Clinics and Diagnostics
Diagnostic center from Gachibowli
"Diago Software has done an admirable job in keeping the functionality of this product in pace with our needs as a clinical laboratory. Very responsive to suggestions and they continually improve their product."
Raju K
Diagnostic center from Hyderabad

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